Should the Wraps Industry Be Regulated?

Would regulation benefit the wraps industry as a whole or just cause unnecessary expense and headaches?

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Vehicle wraps are by no means a new industry but there’s no question their popularity has exploded in recent years. Yet, to the general public, the industry remains somewhat of a mystery in many ways. Shops do everything they can to educate the public, and manufacturers help push the industry forward by continuously improving the quality of their materials and by offering advanced certification courses taught by professionals. But those certifications are voluntary, not mandatory. Theoretically, anyone who wants to could hang out their shingle and advertise themselves as a wrap shop. It’s an industry without regulation and, surprisingly, the Better Business Bureau doesn’t even have a category for vehicle wraps if a consumer wants to file a complaint. Should the industry be regulated? WXIN-Fox 59 in Indianapolis recently got a complaint from one consumer and used that as a launching point to take a closer look at the industry and hear what the professionals have to say. Click HERE to read and view their report.


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