SFIA Names Stahls’ as Sponsor

The Sports & Fitness Industry Association, a trade association of manufacturers, retailers, and marketers in the sports products and fitness industry, announces a partnership with Stahls'.

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SFIA Industry Leaders Summit

The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), a global trade association of manufacturers, retailers, and marketers in the sports products and fitness industry, announces a new strategic partnership with Stahls’, a manufacturer of garment decoration materials and equipment.

The SFIA Industry Leaders Summit is an annual conference for C-level executives in the sports and fitness industry. The event hosts a wide range of speakers from inside and outside the industry to discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities relevant to the market landscape. SFIA corporate partners create a bridge between industry professionals and the companies most closely connected and committed to serving the sports and fitness industry. The commitments made by the select partners support the broad range of member services and professional development opportunities provided to SFIA members throughout the summit, such as networking, educational sessions, thought leadership, and relationship building.

“The ability to personalize sportswear and equipment is a huge asset to our industry,” Tom Cove, SFIA president and CEO, says. “Stahls’ innovation allows companies to maximize on partnerships and monetize new opportunities through personal branding. We are proud to partner with a world-leading innovator working day after day to improve our industry.”

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“We owe our longevity as a supplier to our ability of providing heat printing solutions for all types of performance fabrics, including highly technical materials. Stahls’ heat printing products, equipment, and services make it possible to personalize jerseys under quick-turn deadlines with superior results,” states Carleen Gray, CEO GroupeSTAHL North America. “We look forward to working with SFIA members, bringing you fast and innovative solutions for team jersey customization.”

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