Sawgrass Hosts ‘Making Money with Sublimation: Weddings’ Webinar

Learn how to sell to this 2.3-billion-dollar industry and why this market is a good fit for sublimation.

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Sawgrass will host a webinar titled ‘Making Money with Sublimation: Weddings’ on February 13. There are two sessions: one beginning at 8 a.m. and the other at 4 p.m. (EST).

The aim of the discussion is to learn about the cycles of the wedding experience (engagement, planning, the wedding itself, the reception, and honeymoon), the typical products that you can produce, how to market to this 2.3-billion-dollar industry, and why this market is a good fit for sublimation.

Jimmy Lamb, who will present the webinar, explains that because spring and summer are generally prime wedding seasons, sales and marketing for this market should be happening now. He also says, “Weddings typically are a high-dollar affair with plenty of opportunities for sublimators to provide products and services. A big part of every event is the photography, and with sublimation systems being capable of delivering HD quality images, weddings become a perfect market for sublimation shops to pursue.

“All it takes is some creative approaches on the part of the shop owner as there are dozens of different products that can fulfill a wide range of needs that exist with every wedding, big or small.”

Lamb encourages sublimation shops to join this live webinar so they can ask question on the spot. However, participants are welcome to submit questions prior to the webinar, as well. You may direct them to [email protected].

Sawgrass’ last webinar focused on the business management aspect of sublimation printing. Lamb says the biggest takeaway from the event was an understanding of all the factors involved with sublimation production and how they affect the cost, as well as how to reduce those costs.

Commenting on the purpose of all Sawgrass webinars, he says, “Our goal is to help sublimation business owners be more successful with their business operations and cover a wide range of topics from startup to graphics, to troubleshooting to marketing.”

You can find this session, along with past webinars, in the archive.

Register for ‘Making Money with Sublimation: Weddings’ here.


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