S2K Graphics’ Dimensional Window Graphics Sustain 90 mph Winds

The company says the wind tunnel tests confirm the durability of its dimensional window graphics.

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Chatsworth, California-based S2K Graphics, which designs, manufactures and distributes a variety of signs, banners, graphic elements and point-of-purchase displays, announces

that it recently put its 3D-cup window graphic through a low-speed wind tunnel test in San Diego.

The test of the dimensional window graphics was to assess durability and shape retention qualities when faced with wind and extreme weather conditions, according to the company.

The company commissioned two sets of testing, at speeds of 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90 mph, with rotations at 30-, 60- and 90-degree angles. The first set of testing included a pre-mounted graphic, a standard mount that one of S2K Graphics’ professional installers would have installed. The second replicated what the company calls a “Dirty Install”-an installation that would most likely have been done by a customer, instead of professional installer. Each test was four to six minutes long, at temperatures of 70-74 degrees.

The graphics were pre-mounted on an acrylic base with similar adhesion qualities to glass windows and were then attached using S2K Graphics’ standard decals and tapes that are sent to clients, with no manipulations made. The company says the results from both set of tests showed that S2K Graphics’ Dimensional Window Graphics can successfully withstand winds up to 90 mph without damage, highlighting the product’s durability and tolerance to non-desirable and windy weather conditions.

S2K’s patent-pending dimensional window graphics are printed on 2 mm Coroplast, which the company describes as “a high-quality, printable surface with excellent adhesion quality and waterproof, stain-resistant qualities.”

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