R.S. Owens Delivers American Idol Trophies for Final Season

Chicago-based awards company R.S. Owens delivers American Idol awards for final season.

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R.S. Owens American Idol award

Custom awards company R.S. Owens creates 23 additional American Idol microphone trophies at the request of the producers of the show to reward the original creative group for its final season. Traditionally, only one award per year is made, according to officials.

It wasn’t until Season 7, when the first seven winners were assembled together, that the first trophy was given. Since then, the award has been presented to the winner during the season finale.

The award designed by the R.S. Owens creative team symbolizes the singing competition itself, with a microphone created from cast and fabricated metal in both satin and bright finishes. It is assembled to create this realistic rendition of a recording microphone. The windscreen is created from multiple layers of brushed metal and black glass sandwiched between cast metal caps and is riveted to a cast metal stand. The American Idol medallion is made using one of R.S. Owens proprietary etching processes and affixed to the front. When assembled, the microphone is mounted to a round black marble base with the recipient’s name etched and color-filled into the marble surface.

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