PVH Corp. Joins Three Sustainability Initiatives

PVH Corp. announces participation in three initiatives focused on improving sustainability in the fashion industry.

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NEW YORK-PVH Corp. announces participation in three initiatives focused on improving sustainability in the fashion industry. PVH says it “recognizes its role in moving the apparel industry in a positive direction and sees opportunities to reduce waste and pollution through collaboration and partnerships.”

The company joins the Global Fashion Agenda (GFA), Fashion for Good (FFG), and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Make Fashion Circular Initiative as part of this move. PVH points out that the missions of all three organizations align with the company’s corporate social responsibility strategy.

“These three organizations are all focused on innovation, collaboration, and system change, which is the foundation of our corporate responsibility strategy at PVH,” says Melanie Steiner, chief risk officer at PVH Corp. “We are excited to work with other leading companies, innovators, and stakeholders to support the move to a truly sustainable industry.”

PVH’s participation in the three initiatives includes a variety of pledges and commitments:

  • GFA: PVH pledges to increase the volume of used textiles ultimately increasing the volume of garments made from recycled textiles by 2020.
  • FFG: PVH says it plans to join FFG as a principal partner “providing promising start-ups needed access to the funding and expertise required to drive a scalable shift to more sustainable production methods.”
  • Ellen MacArthur Foundation: The company acts as a core partner and member of the organization’s advisory board. “PVH will collaborate with Ellen MacArthur Foundation to address issues that lead to preventable pollution and waste in the industry and deliver solutions to meet the changing global demands and societal expectations,” the corporation adds.

The move comes as PVH continues to expand its efforts in corporate social responsibility. In May 2018, the company earned the number-one spot on Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s annual 100 Best Corporate Citizen’s list in the apparel category.

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