Penn Emblem Welcomes Kimberly Maier

Maier joins the company as Direct Sales administrative support.

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kimberly maier

Penn Emblem Company welcomes its new direct sales administrative support, Kimberly Maier. Maier has approximately 18 years in professional experience-12 years in customer service, and 6 years in administrative support. Maier has held  various positions throughout her career including lead patient care coordinator in the pulmonary department for a large pharmaceutical corporation.

Maier is a certified Child Advocate Volunteer in the state of Florida, working with abuse and/or neglected children while being their voice during court proceedings.

Maier looks forward to meeting new people in her role while also becoming part of the Penn Emblem Company Team. “I find it rewarding to participate in things that make a difference for the better whether it’s running a 5k, donating to a good cause, or volunteering my time especially when working with children/animals,” she states. 

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