Paint is Dead and MoB Party it Up: That’s a WWWRAP!

Read Austin Smith's first-person recounting of the recent WWWRAP party at SEMA.

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In November two of the most globally recognized groups in the wrap world, Paint is Dead and Masters of Branding (MoB), teamed up to throw a party: the World-Wide Wrap Recognition and Appreciation Party, or what they dubbed the “WWWRAP.”

Held at Chicago Motor Cars Las Vegas, a luxury auto dealership, the party took place as part of the SEMA show.

To say it was well attended is an understatement, as you’ll see from the photos below. Special thanks are due for the Paint is Dead and MoB members that made the event happen, including: Austin Smith; John Duever; Kevin Kempf; Bobby VanderVliet; Shareef Kahn; Jamie and Michelle Mullican; Russell Voigt; Jim Miller; Ken Tonn; and Adam Sumner.

Live demos, giveaways, lots of networking and big bucks raised for charity kept the evening moving. By all accounts it was a huge success, and what a great venue for a party!

The following is a recap that Austin Smith, co-founder of Paint is Dead, shared with WRAPS.

“When the ‘beating of drums’ start coming from the wrap industry, we hear an even swell of noise starting ever so softly, and then rushing over the masses like a totally righteous wave.  But when the two most influential groups within the wrap industry start ‘beating drums’ it’s much more like a tsunami wave, coming so fast you sometimes don’t even have time, nor the understanding that you need to take notice-you know you just need to react, fast!

As we approached SEMA 2016, those drums were reverberating so loud, and coming from so many different angles within the industry, we were almost deer-in-headlights. Something great was happening, and, although I knew a wave was coming, I didn’t really know if I wanted to get out of its way, or just be submerged within it as it rushed around me.

WWWRAP was the event-I enjoyed the deafening sound equally as much as the thrust of its current around me. However, this wasn’t a wave of mass destruction; although it was to change the landscape as we currently understood it.  It’s hard to know, when looking way out to sea, what was stirring. And would this make it to shore or die out, as many waves do? But as surfers are to waves, the elite wrappers are to the wrap industry, and when every single Paint is Dead and Masters of Branding member is suited up and on their boards … the rest of the industry rapidly rushed the beaches for what many saw coming!

As this phenomenon brewed we literally watched every reputable vinyl manufacturer jump on board: KPMF USA, Apa America, ORAFOL Americas, Avery Dennison, TeckWrap, Ritrama, and 3M-all flocked to the disturbance brewing in the waters. Then we saw countless industry companies move to join this movement as well: TheWrapApp, Wrapify, Wensco Automotive Restyling, Johnson Window Films, Madico, The Wrap Institute, The Wrap Promoter, Wrap-Tech Japan, Excel Blades, Master Appliance, The Wrap Society, Fellers, and-of course-Sign and Digital Graphics, along with our WRAPS division, could not deny that this was going to truly be something special!

The slogan was ” … the best in the industry will be there, will you?” Pretty catchy, we think, but what they didn’t tell us was their vision of a party. The Paint is Dead/Masters of Branding collaboration worked together to wrap 13 cars, in a matter of 24-48 hours, and transformed Chicago Motorcars Las Vegas’ warehouse from chic but simple to feeling like a Hollywood party venue for only the elite.

The groups partnered with Wrapix Imaging, of Burbank, California, to fill the house with elegant light boxes, plush leather VIP seating areas, high top tables adorned in black gowns, and lighting that rivals an Emmy event. As you approached the venue, stepping foot on the supple red carpet that ushered you towards the entrance, you were surrounded by beautiful spotlights announcing the show, and its founders as large as the building they were projected upon. Outdoor bar area with gathering tables, two of Vegas’ most highly regarded food trucks serving up amazing food, and the 20-foot backdrop for pictures of your individual experience on the red carpet! At this point you’re a rock-star, and you haven’t even set foot in the venue yet!

As you enter, you can look across the entire 10,000-square-foot space and see exotic vehicles covered in velvet gowns (dressed for the occasion), hundreds of people that have gathered for the event, and your pick of the who’s who in the wrap industry all showcasing their latest and greatest products! As you get your drink (thanks Paint is Dead/Masters of Branding) you settle in and realize that all of this is not to make money for any one person, or either of these groups. This event is meant to raise money for two charities very near and dear to the members of each group. For Paint is Dead, two of their own members are affected by Angelman Syndrome, and they are working hard to raise monies for that charity. On the Masters of Branding side, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a gripping disease they feel passionate about helping cure, and every stop is being pulled out to ensure as much money as possible can be raised to benefit that charity. To add more to the fire, both groups focused on being able to do “a little something” for a friend in the industry who fell on bad times in 2016. In the end, the two main charities were given checks of $5000 each to take home, and begin the work of helping others, and the camps tell us today a large donation was also made to Rich Maxwell‘s family, of 13-Three Motorsports.

The after-shocks of this event reverberated throughout SEMA Thursday and Friday. Every sponsor was raving about the success of the first-year event, and pictures flooded the internet. We are pleased to hear that this event was described as an event that will grow each year, and the follow up to this amazingly successful event is already in the works! If you think the event you attended this year was great, then you’re in for a treat. I can’t imagine what these powerhouse groups have up their sleeves for 2017!


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