Out-of-Home Ad Company Ocean Hosts Annual Creative Contest

This annual contest is designed to show the amazing technological capabilities of digital out-of-home advertising.

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UK-based digital out-of-home (DOOH) marketing company Ocean announces a call for entries for its annual Ocean Digital Creative Competition.

The contest is designed to showcase creativity in out of home advertising or charity campaigns, as well as highlighting how those campaigns can be coordinated with other platforms and content channels, such as mobile devices and social media.

The company says that this year, its contest has but one category of entry: ideas. The contest is open to anyone that has an idea for a creative way to get their message out there via digital out-of-home advertising. In a video announcing the contest, it says that people should first come up with an idea, then choose a location for the campaign. This could be roadside, retail locations, wherever-and the locations aren’t limited to just the UK. They could be anywhere around the world.

The 2016 winner was an agency that submitted a global campaign, called the March of Giants, that raised awareness of the dire plight of the world’s elephants. The campaign was done by a London company called 18 Feet & Rising. It toured cities around the globe, asking corporations and individuals to make a contribution to an elephant rescue group in exchange for being named sponsors of the elephants that were the focus of the campaign’s message.

Entries are due by Friday, August 25, and the awards ceremony is October 5.

For more details on the contest-including a video explaining it-and to learn how to enter, click HERE.

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