Nova Polymers Named a Qualified Vendor for GSA

According to Nova, photopolymer material, such as what it makes, has become the 'go-to' type of substrate for GSA signage, especially when it needs to be ADA-compliant.

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Fairfield, New Jersey-based Nova Polymers, makers of Novacryl-branded photopolymer sign products-substrates used primarily in ADA braille and accessible room identification signage-announces that it has earned qualified vendor status from the U.S. General Services Administration.

The GSA manages some 377 million square feet of floor space in 9,600 buildings, plus a 204,000-vehicle motor pool. The signage in these locations is often required to be ADA-compliant, which is why GSA has named Nova Polymers as a qualified vendor.

According to the company’s announcement, photopolymer has become the go-to technology for several types of GSA signage, especially any that must be ADA-compliant, because of its versatility and durability.

“The vast range of GSA property requires an incredible number of ADA identification signs, directories, and maps,” says Bob Greenberger, director of sales and education at Nova Polymers. “GSA certification opens up many opportunities for sign companies to access new markets while raising awareness of the superior advantages photopolymer signage can offer federal facilities.”


Tony Kindelspire

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