NFL’s Vikings Take Wells Fargo to Court

U.S. Bank paid millions for the stadium's naming rights; not happy that competitor's signage might show up on TV broadcasts.

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The Minnesota Vikings and Wells Fargo are butting heads in court over whether or not the bank’s rooftop signs on its nearby building “photo bomb” the NFL team’s new $1.1 billion stadium.

Each side has asked a district judge to rule on their behalf, arguing that the other side’s case has no merits.

At issue are Wells Fargo’s 56′ x 56′ logos on its building. The letters are elevated 18 inches, and the Vikings say they have an agreement with the bank that says the signs must be flush with the rooftops.

Wells Fargo competitor U.S. Bank paid millions for its naming rights to the Vikings’ new stadium, including having its name put on the roof in letters big enough to be read from a plane.

The judge is expected to take up the case in June. Click HERE to read more from Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter Rochelle Olson.


Tony Kindelspire

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