NEC Display Announces 3D LED Prototype with 3D Live

Though the initial prototype will target the cinema experience, the technology could have enormous implications in a variety of settings down the road.

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Chicago-based NEC Display Solutions, a provider of commercial LCD displays and monitors as well as digital and multimedia projectors, announces a collaboration with 3D technology innovator 3D Live that combines NEC Display’s display expertise with 3D Live’s expertise in 3D technology.

California-based 3D Live is a developer of 3D LED technology that delivers “immersive experiences” to a variety of settings, including retail and entertainment venues.

The two companies say they are working on a prototype, next-generation 3D display solution that incorporates direct view LED (dvLED) and passive 3D technology. The technology, they say, could be another option for the entertainment industry and cinemas who want to deliver the ultimate immersive experience through alternative technologies.

3D Live, NEC says, specializes in developing 3D LED panels, virtual reality and alternate reality (VR/AR) and mixed reality experiences, with an extensive portfolio of projects, including concerts, performances and demonstrations. 3D Live technology creates virtual environments that surround performers on stage and immerse the audience.

“We are excited to showcase this high resolution prototype with a global display company as renowned as NEC Display,” says Nathan Huber, CEO and co-founder of 3D Live. “NEC is an ideal partner and shares our vision of working towards the next generation of out-of-home 3D display systems.”

Adds Todd Bouman, president and CEO of NEC Display, in explaining this prototype development: “While we believe digital projectors will continue to be prominent in the industry and a core focus of development for NEC Display, we are also looking at new innovative solutions.”


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