Mutoh Announces Spring Workshop and Training Dates

Mutoh hosts spring workshops and training sessions.

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Mutoh has announced its workshop and training session schedule for 2016. According to Mutoh Advertising and Events Manager Michelle Johnson, there has been an additional date added to last year’s lineup of five training sessions. The reason for this, Johnson says, is that these seminars filled up quickly. There are also new subject training sessions on the docket.

“The Onyx (classes) are new,” she says. “It was a brand new class we are trying out in Phoenix, and if it goes well, we’ll release it to the rest of our locations.”

Attendance, Johnson adds, is normally limited to how many people can fit in locations. “We limit it to about 10 people per class. That also gives more one-on-one training,” she explains.

The format for the classes should stay the same as in the past. “Flexi has been doing well for the past two years. It was split as a beginner and advanced in the afternoon. Now it’s a full day instead of two parts. It’s good for the novice-user and the more experienced user because it helps them get the most out of their software.”

Spring classes include: ONYX Certification hosted by Mutoh, Feb. 10-11 at Mutoh’s Corporate Learning Facility in Phoenix; Flexi Training hosted by Mutoh on Feb. 26 at Mutoh’s Corporate Learning Facility in Phoenix; G7 Expert Training Hosted by Mutoh is March 1-3 at Mutoh’s Corporate Learning Facility in Phoenix; and Color Management Secrets will be held May 11 at Mutoh’s Corporate Learning Facility in Phoenix. For more information, visit


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