Magna Colours Launches ‘Make the Switch’ Initiative for Screen Printers

The company says the switch to water-based inks is relatively simple, and it wants to show people how.

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UK-based Magna Colours, a manufacturer of water-based inks, announces a new initiative entitled “Make the Switch,” aimed at screen printers. The program is designed to help shops transition from plastisol to water-based inks.

The new initiative uses a 10-step process which features an equipment audit, an invitation to the company’s headquarters, and testing. MagnaColours also provides ongoing, hands-on guidance.

“We wanted to use our expertise to guide printers through the switching process, and show them that by taking our 10 manageable steps, they can become more environmentally sustainable,” says Helen Parry, managing director of MagnaColours. “In using the Magna range, printers can also benefit from expert support, reduced energy costs, increased efficiency and a superior finish, so there’s no reason not to make the switch.”

The organization says with the program, it hopes to “remove the perceived complexity” of transitioning from plastisol to water-based inks.

The initiative comes as the latest component in the company’s efforts to educate printers on the benefits of water-based printing. In 2017, MagnaColours announced the launch of MagnaAcademy, an ongoing training series focused on screen-printing inks.

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