Madico Honored by Local Chamber of Commerce

Madico has done its manufacturing at its St. Petersburg, Florida, facility since 2010.

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Woburn, Massachusetts-based Madico, manufacturers of laminating and coating solutions and window films sold into a variety of industries, was recently honored by the chamber of commerce in St. Petersburg, Florida, home to the company’s manufacturing facility.

The St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce highlighted the company in its “Bright Spots” blog. In a brief bio of the company the chamber notes that Madico was founded in Massachusetts in 1903, and that it bought its manufacturing facility in St. Petersburg in 2010.

“Madico chose to purchase the St. Petersburg manufacturing facility due to the facility’s size and capacity,” the blog says. “The St. Pete location had been used to make window film for 35 years and also offered many skilled employees. The St. Petersburg facility now employs 100 local employees.”

The blog continues: “Madico has a rich history of invention, innovation, and imagination. The organization thrives on leading and recognizes such a role is possible only through a long-term commitment to research and development with strong connections to (its) markets.”

The chamber also notes that since Madico acquired the manufacturing facility in 2010, the company has spent nearly $3 million in capital improvements. It also notes that Madico has recycled approximately 350 tons of solid waste just in the past year.

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