Lumvatech Transitioning Delivery Method

The company will shift from sending out individual light panel units to sending them out in sheet form.

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Williamston, South Carolina-based Lumvatech announces a shift in the way it will deliver the LED light panels it produces. The company is transitioning from producing individually cut panels to shipping light guide panels in sheet form.

The transformation process is beginning with the company’s sales and design teams. It says that going forward, all new high-volume customer projects are being directed toward solutions that allow mass production of light guide panels using customer/partner labor and equipment for non-IP based phases of the processing and assembly. The move is facilitated in part by ongoing enhancements in the company’s IP-based imaging technology. This now allows the rapid and efficient production of many images and panels on edge-referenced, dimensionally standardized plastic sheets.

According to the company, most light guides today are shipped as individual units ready for further assembly or processing. The new model will transfer the cutting and singulation of light panels to the next level in the supply chain. The cutting, assembly and processing of the light panels continues to move down the supply chain toward the end user.

“Our customer/partners continue to gain experience assembling and designing user interfaces with LED lighting,” says Martin Proctor, director of new business development for Lumvatech. “We are finding that they can and want to take on the extra processing.”

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