Los Angeles Apparel Collaborates with Tukatech on Automation

Los Angeles Apparel, former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney's newest garment company, taps Tukatech for its automation technology. 

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los angeles apparel
los angeles apparel

LOS ANGELES-Los Angeles Apparel taps Tukatech for its automation technology. The California-based apparel company, founded by former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney, employs more than 350 people in the greater Los Angeles area.

Charney states that he chose Tukatech to help streamline Los Angeles Apparel based on his previous experiences with the organization while at American Apparel.  

“[Tukatech] helped me set up state of the art design and production systems with Tukacad, Tuka 3D for virtual samples, automatic fabric spreaders, automatic cutters for production…even a laser cutter for my development,” explains Charney.

Tukatech specializes in fashion design software and technology solutions for the garment industry as well as 2D/3D pattern-making programs.

“While designing the game plan for the new operation, Dov and I sat down and worked a plan to automate every possible step; I love his energy and his passion, adding his knowledge of yarns to fabrics to products to fit is absolutely a unique formula for success,” says Ram Sareen, CEO and founder of Tukatech. “Two disruptive companies working together again to cause chaos and shake up the market seems so much more charming the second time around.”
los angeles apparel
L-R: Sareen, Charney. (Image courtesy Tukatech/PRWeb)

The announcement comes as the latest move by the company to forge ahead with domestic manufacturing. After a series of posts on his personal website, an announcement in early April 2017 by Charney and TSC Apparel outlined plans for an exclusive distribution partnership.

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