INX Expands Kansas Manufacturing Facility

The company's growth has led it to invest nearly $10 million in facility upgrades at two locations within the past year.

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Schaumburg, Illinois-based INX International announces the recent doubling of the size of its Edwardsville, Kansas facility. The company says it invested $5.2 million to bring the total size of the facility to 75,000 square feet.

The company says the expansion will improve its ability to support continued growth for its Energy Curable products, which include UV, EB, LED and HUV inks and coatings.

The Edwardsville facility sits on 8.6 acres just on the outskirts of Kansas City. It originally opened in 1992.

“The Edwardsville expansion was necessary for many of the same reasons why we made a capital investment to expand our Charlotte facility last year,” says John Hrdlick, chief operating officer for INX, referring to its $4 million investment that increased the size of that facility to 65,000 square feet. “Our UV sales growth trend had continued to place a strain on the (Kansas) facility. The lack of space did not allow us to stage international shipments as we worked on those orders. Product had to be stored in various locations inside the facility, which resulted in many extra material movements.

“Our warehouse space also was at maximum capacity, requiring us to seek off-site warehousing for both raw materials and finished goods. Less space also made it difficult to support our non-UV customers in the geographical area. The expansion resolves all those issues. We now have floor space in shipping to stage all of the materials for the orders in one place, and we will be eliminating the rental warehousing once we get acclimated to the new space.”

He says that production volume in Edwardsville was 3.5 million pounds in 2005 and has grown to 8.5 million pounds since. And he expects that growth to continue because demand for its Energy Curable products continue to rise. With the growth in sales will likely come an increase in staffing levels in Edwardsville, Hrdlick says.

“We currently have 120 employees at that facility. Based on growth, it may increase as much as 10 percent or more in the next year,” he says. “The expansion improves our ability to provide regional distribution of our products, and it will enhance Edwardsville’s ability to provide back-up manufacturing for other INX facilities. In addition to this activity, we are also planning to utilize our West Chicago, Illinois and Dunkirk, New York offset facilities to further support and enhance the supply of Energy Curable products to our customers.” 

Earlier this year the company had announced the completion of a $4 million expansion at its Charlotte, North Carolina facility.

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