In the Shop: Metropole First French Shop to Acquire MASSIVit 3D Printers

The shop owner says 3D printing will give his shop a serious competitive advantage.

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Israel-based 3D printer company MASSIVit 3D Printing Technologies announces that Metropole, one of the largest out-of-home and digital print providers in France, has purchased two MASSIVit 1800 3D printers.

At present, Metropole completes around 500 projects a month for a wide variety of markets. Typical jobs include branding and signage for events, shopping centers, construction sites and exhibition centers. The company says it plans to use its Massivit 1800 3D Printers to produce advertising and retail campaigns with the stopping power to better engage target audiences.

“Massivit 3D Printing adds a significant business differentiator,” says Patrice Boquého, director of Metropole. “With the ability to create attention-grabbing, larger-than-life displays, we expect the technology to transform the way high level-themed projects are created, particularly in the hospitality and architectural sectors.”

He says the two new printers will help his company increase capacity and likely draw in some new business because of the unique abilities of the MASSIVit printers.

“Being the first French OOH print house to offer this service is an incredible competitive advantage,” Boquého says. “It has enabled us to provide something truly unique to customers, while adding a new dimension to our business.”

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