IMIA Joins THE NBM SHOW in Charlotte for 10-Year Partnership

IMIA will be joining THE NBM SHOW in Charlotte, marking the 10th year in which the organization and trade show have partnered. 

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National Business Media announces that the International Marking and Identification Association (IMIA) will be joining THE NBM SHOW in Charlotte on Oct. 27-29, marking the 10th year in which the organization and trade show have partnered.

IMIA began as a few stamping producers in 1865. Throughout the association’s 106-year history, however, the market has changed drastically, motivating suppliers to diversify their businesses. “Now the business has gone on and on and 50 percent of what they do can be found on the show floor. Our membership has gone into all kinds of markets,” IMIA Chairman Stephen Derome tells A&E magazine. “Our members come to THE NBM SHOW and see products to diversify. That’s the beauty of our relationship.”

THE NBM SHOW in Charlotte will host 14 IMIA and joint member booths as well as the annual IMIA meeting, which includes seminars, a reception and dinner, among other events.

According to Derome, this year’s annual meeting will also feature a CEO session, where business leaders will meet to share information about a variety of different markets and subjects such as manufacturing, websites and shipping, with approximately 25 percent of IMIA’s 200 members in attendance annually.

“We’re pretty small, but intimate,” he admits. “IMIA is like a big family.” Brandy Jamison-Neth, executive trade show sales manager for THE NBM SHOW, says that THE NBM SHOW is proud to be a part of it. “Their exhibitors reach a larger market outside the stamp industry and are exposed to other industries and to cross markets,” she says. “THE NBM SHOW also has more exhibitors, so the two organizations mutually benefit from our valuable 10-year partnership.”

Derome agrees, saying, “It’s been a great relationship. We really are enjoying it and plan to make a deal out of our 10th anniversary.”

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