ikeGPS Announces Integration Deal with Software Maker Aries Graphics

The two companies say the integration deal will allow for faster and more accurate LED sign estimates.

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New Zealand-based ikeGPS, makers of Spike-a laser-based measuring tool that allows sign makers to accurately take dimensions on a potential job site using their smartphone or tablet-announces a new co-marketing and software integration deal with Ventura, California-based Aries Graphics.

Aries Graphics makes software that targets the sign industry. The agreement concerns Aries Graphics’ LED Wizard, which is designed for LED layout. The integration enables sign professionals to use LED Wizard with Spike to streamline their workflow of designing and estimating LED channel letters and sign cabinets. According to the companies, the solution is particularly suited to LED retrofits, where it is notoriously difficult and time consuming to create an accurate estimate.

After capturing a photo of the existing sign using their smartphone and the Spike laser device, the sign maker uploads it to the Spike Cloud and creates a 1:1 scaled and perspective-corrected JPG file. This file can be imported directly into LED Wizard already scaled and at proper perspective. At that point, the sign maker uses LED Wizard’s design and layout tools to match the font, draw various shapes, and/or trace the design on the Spike photo in preparation for LED population.

“This partnership with ikeGPS will bring tangible benefits to our LED Wizard customers worldwide, who are under constant pressure to create accurate estimates quickly,” says Jeff Fassett, president of Aries Graphics International. “I’ve seen some photos and drawings for retrofits passed off as ‘artwork’ that are almost comical, and this causes delays, inaccuracies, and extra expense in the quoting process. But I know that if a customer is using their Spike device to conduct the site survey, the entire process is going to be faster and more accurate.”

Adds Glenn Milnes, CEO of ikeGPS: “We are pleased to partner with such a trusted software provider to the sign and digital graphics industry, allowing us to bring Spike further into estimation processes for sign companies. Working with LED Wizard and addressing pain points during LED estimation processes supports our mission to create a robust solution for the signage industry.”

The two companies will launch and demonstrate the new integration as part of a free webinar being held at 11 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time on Thursday, Sept. 7. For more information and to register for the webinar, please visit or

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