Hodgins Engraving Acquires Impact Printing and Engraving

Former President of Impact Frank Corbiserie says it was the right fit for his small Garfield, New Jersey shop.

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impact printing and engraving
impact printing and engraving

Hodgins Engraving announces they are acquiring Impact Printing and Engraving, a fourth-generation printing company located in Garfield, New Jersey, that provides engraving, letterpress, foil stamping, thermography, and offset printed products.

Former Impact President Frank Corbiserie, Jr. says, “Running a small business in the trade industry became tough. When I was thinking about selling, I wanted to find somebody that was in our market and somebody that I thought could handle the work to keep the same standard of quality that we have set, and we felt Hodgins was the right fit.”

All production and customer service functions will be relocated to Hodgins Engraving headquarters located in Batavia, New York in the coming months. In addition, Hodgins will immediately begin offering additional products and services to existing Impact customers.

Corbiserie will remain associated with the company, focusing on customer services and sales. He adds, “We’re a very small shop, so while I had a few production people, I was responsible for most of the front-end stuff, as well as all the pre-press stuff. Now, I’ll be able to focus on (a few things) of which I was already doing.” The way he sees it, that’s a good thing.

“With my expertise in production, I’ll be able to assist customers better without getting bogged down by the responsibility of having to run a press. When a customer comes to me with a design or idea, I can focus on helping them and not worry about the time I’ll need to run the job,” he explains.

Corbiserie hopes that the change will also allow him to push more engraving jobs and finer printing processes, as he sees that aspect of the business as having great untapped potential.

Hodgins Engraving President Becky Almeter is also optimistic about the future of the shop: “There’s great synergy between Impact and Hodgins. Their existing customers have a need for the types of products we have specialized in for over 60 years, (and) we look forward to providing that continuity.”

Hodgins says it intends to expand its presence in the Metro New York and New Jersey market.

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