Heat Transfer Warehouse Launches Holiday Gift Drive

Heat Transfer Warehouse donates gifts to children in the local community. 

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FARGO, N.D.-Heat Transfer Warehouse donates gifts to children in the local community. The company organized a gift drive through a shopping trip on Nov. 28 and plans to distribute the gifts closer to Christmas.

Like other community-oriented endeavors at the company, the project features participation from all employees at the Fargo branch, explains Brooke Hestdalen, marketing coordinator at Heat Transfer Warehouse. A set of 18 employees headed up the shopping trip while nine others manage the gift-wrapping duties for the presents.

heat transfer warehouse
Employees shopping for holiday gifts. (All images courtesy Heat Transfer Warehouse) 

“The people who went shopping were put into groups of two and given a few families to shop for,” adds Hestdalen. “We had a list of the child’s age, clothing size, and what their wants and needs are. We tried to get everything on their needs list before moving onto the wants section for each child with our allotted budget.”

heat transfer warehouse   heat transfer warehouse
Gifts feature a combination of wants and needs from each student’s list. 

Recipients of the gifts are students at the nearby McKinley elementary school. The location is a frequent stop for the company as McKinley is Heat Transfer Warehouse’s designated school in its adopt-a-school program. In total, the company purchased gifts for 100 children in 37 families.

Hestdalen says employees plan to deliver the goods to McKinley on Dec. 15, just in time for the holiday break. This year marks the second outing for the gift drive. In late November 2016, the company undertook a similar project for the same school.   

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