Heat Transfer Warehouse Adds Two to Staff

The Fargo-based company has brought on more than a half-dozen new employees in 2017.

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Fargo, North Dakota-based Heat Transfer Warehouse, a distributor of heat transfer materials, announces the addition of two new staff members: inventory specialist Alisa Marie Drew and customer service representative Sara Worner.

In her new role, Drew contributes to the inventory team and quarterly goals, demonstrating a daily embrace of the company’s core values.

With a bachelor’s degree in sociology, she says it was her love of arts and crafts that drew her to this position. “I’m an arts and crafts geek and vinyl is right up that alley,” Drew says. “I enjoy that this job breaks me out of my comfort shell and gives me the opportunity to be a little crazy and out of the box, for example, with our bi-weekly team-building activities.”

In her new position, Worner assists and educates customers about the company’s product and service offerings and uses, as well as resolving any potential issues, “all while being super friendly,” she says.

With a bachelor’s degree in accounting, Worner has a background in bookkeeping and payroll for the past seven years before she came across the opportunity at Heat Transfer Warehouse.

The new customer service representative also adds that she’s looking forward to contributing to the future success of the company. “I hope to be an asset to the company by being a sincere, friendly person always open to learning new things and staying positive through everything,” Worner says.



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