GSG Launches Re:Core Program

The company's goal is to keep the cores from spent media rolls out of landfills.

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Dallas-based GSG (Graphic Solutions Group), a supplier to the screen, sign, digital imaging and embroidery industries, announces the rollout of a new program that gives customers who buy digital media a way to re-use4 the cores that are left behind.

Called “Re:core,” the program is a simple one: The company has a fiber drum receptacle set up in the City Sales area at all seven of its locations, which is where customers can drop off the empty media cores. GSG will then reuse them for converting media. This not only provides an eco-friendly alternative to throwing the cores away, but it also helps keep costs low for customers.

According to the company, the U.S. generates more than 68 million tons of paper and paperboard every year, almost a third of which is sent to landfills. It says that you could create a wall 12 feet tall from Los Angeles to New York City with the amount of paper thrown away.

Aside from its Dallas location, which is corporate headquarters, GSG also has locations in Austin and Houston in Texas; Oklahoma City and Tulsa in Oklahoma; Cincinatti; and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Visit for details on those locations.

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