Giving Back: Wrap for a Cause to Raise Awareness During Race Across America

Wrap for a Cause often supports nonprofits or fundraising efforts that it deems worthy.

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Cos Cob, Connecticut-based non-profit group Wrap for a Cause announces its support for blind people who are seeking employment opportunities by participating in the coast-to-coast cycling race, Race Across America, which takes place in June.

Wrap for a Cause will be wrapping an RV that will accompany Team Sea to See, a group of blind and sighted riders that will be participating in the race.

Through their partner, Hi Tech Wraps, Wrap for a Cause often wraps vehicles to show their support of a particular charity or fundraising effort. In this case, the nonprofit wants to call attention to the 70 percent jobless rate among members of the blind community. Through the RV and the national television exposure the race will bring, Team Sea to See is hoping to change the way the world sees the blind, not only through media coverage of the competition but also in a documentary being produced that will showcase an intimate portrait of their lives as they commit to the undertaking.

Race Across America 2018, which takes place in June, is a nine-day sprint from the Pacific to the Atlantic. The eight members of Team Sea to See will enter as a relay team of four tandem bicycles. Each tandem bike has a sighted front rider or pilot, and a blind rear rider or stoker. Off the bikes, these athletes identify as lawyers, business executives and other successful professionals.

“These highly successful cyclists prove that blindness isn’t an obstacle to success,” says Laura Saggese, co-founder of Wrap for a Cause. “We are honored to partner with them and help them draw attention to their mission to provide opportunities for the blind community.”

Saggese notes that nationwide events like this are ideally suited for the Wrap for a Cause program. As the huge RV emblazoned with Team Sea to See’s message travels across the country, it will be seen by thousands of people.

“This visibility will also benefit corporate sponsors who want to be identified with Team Sea to See’s mission of diversity and inclusion,” Saggese said. “Google is already a lead corporate sponsor and we are urging businesses and generous individuals to show that same level of confidence in the team by donating to their cause.”

Sponsors can choose from three wrap sponsorship options-Support, Leading and Exclusive levels. Each package provides opportunities for co-branding and media visibility. To become a sponsor you can click HERE.

“To get an idea of how grueling the RAAM pace is, more people have climbed Mt. Everest than have completed this race as solo or two-person teams,” Saggese said. “But Team Sea to See is undaunted and so is our commitment to them and their dedication to helping others.”

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