Giving Back: Gemini Sponsors Cannon Falls Bombers Robotics Team

Gemini is in its third year sponsoring the local robotics team, as part of its mission to promote manufacturing.

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Cannon Falls, Minnesota-based Gemini, manufacturers of dimensional letters, logos and plaques, announces that for the third year, it will provide financial sponsorship and engineering mentorship, in addition to supplying equipment such as a plasma cutter, router table, 3D printer, fabrication materials, and plant equipment, for the Cannon Falls Bombers Robotics program.

“Gemini is committed to promoting careers in manufacturing. We felt the robotics program was the best means to do this as it engages students in engineering, fabrication, marketing, leadership and teamwork,” says Phil Jacobson, vice president of human resources, who heads the initiative. “As members of our local communities, we believe we have a shared responsibility to be actively involved in the development of our students and our future workforce. When the business community and local schools partner to provide the best educational experience possible, everyone wins-the students, the school, and the businesses where the students will be employed in the future.”

Jacobson says that the robotics team has even conducted demonstrations of their robot’s capabilities for all of the employees at Gemini. “Our people have commented on how much they appreciate that we are involved in giving the students, many of whom are their relatives, this kind of opportunity.”

Going forward, Gemini hopes the partnership with the schools provides our society with better prepared citizens who will contribute positively to their work environment. Jacobson adds, “Selfishly, we hope many of them will come to work for Gemini.”

Marley Jeranko

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