Gemini’s Duets Laser XT Product Line Passes UV Stability Testing

The methodology of the testing subjects the material to the equivalent of two years in a southern climate, the company says.

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Cannon Falls, Minnesota-based Gemini announces that its Duets by Gemini Laser XT product line recently successfully completed UV stability testing conducted at the company’s test lab facilities.

Duets by Gemini is a line of engraving, ADA and architectural sign substrates from the makers of dimensional letters, logos and plaques.

The company says that its technical team subjected the entire line of Laser XT color combinations to an extensive battery of xenon-arc UV exposure, accelerated weathering and color spectrophotometer analysis.

Gemini’s testing protocol was developed to simulate the effects of intense exposure to direct sunlight, aging and weather comparable to southern-latitude U.S. conditions, assessing overall UV stability of the substrates in relation to measurable colorfastness and appearance changes. Accelerated testing represents the equivalent of two years of exposure in southern climates.

Test results, the company says, prove that Duets Laser XT engraving substrates offer extended UV stability and resistance to fading. Post-test color analysis showed that as a whole, Duets Laser XT outperforms industry benchmarks for Delta-E color shifts, with many samples exhibiting unnoticeable color difference and a virtually unchanged visual condition.

Duets Laser XT is a microsurfaced impact modified acrylic offered in a wide selection of color combinations and finishes and is compatible with both laser and rotary engraving applications.


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