Gemini Introduces Newest Made-to-Order Thermoforming Capabilities

 New technology allows for much more varied and detailed customization, giving customers many new options when it comes to ordering letters, the company says.

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Cannon Falls, Minnesota-based Gemini, manufacturers of dimensional letters, logos and plaques, announces its newest thermoforming capabilities, what it is calling a “durable, earth-friendly, and economical solution to fulfill resellers’ made-to-order letter and logo needs.”

The thermoforming process is far from new, but new technology developed by the company now allows for much more varied and detailed customization, giving customers many new options when it comes to ordering letters.

“We’ve been manufacturing formed plastic letters and logos on behalf of the sign trade for over 50 years,” says Tim Bauer, product manager. “But over recent years, through improvements in our production processes, we’ve been able to supplement our product line with many more feature options to push the design possibilities of this deep-dimensioned, economical made-to-order product on behalf of our authorized reseller partners.”

The range of possibilities with Gemini’s formed products include:

  • Unlimited style and color. Choose from 47 standard styles and 29 standard pigmented plastic colors.
  • Unlimited painted or printed colors. Customization is available to replicate designs or match a custom color.
  • Standard sizes ranging from 2″-48″ high. Custom letters and logos come in single pieces up to 45″x 68″. Larger pieces can be made in sections.
  • Tough, durable, UV-stable, brushed or polished chrome laminated over vacuum-formed plastic.
  • LED alternative. GemLite letters and logos can be formed into low-profile, UL-certified face, edge, or halo-lit alternatives to traditional aluminum fabricated channel letters.

The company says that all its products can be made to order in eight days. Gemini says its formed plastic letters and logos are thermoformed from cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) extruded by Gemini, allowing the capability to produce a more durable plastic with greater color consistency and surface quality. Unlike oil-based acrylics, CAB is a wood- and cotton-based plastic which the company says gives it greater impact resistance, weatherability and more flexibility in terms of recreating designs.

“We want our customers to take a fresh look at formed plastics as a viable letter and logo solution when custom deep-dimension is required for the application while meeting their client’s budget expectations,” says Bauer. “With sophisticated painting and printing capabilities, multi-level designs and LED illumination, formed plastics are a great solution for customers.”


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