Gemini Announces New Fabrication Capabilities in Stainless Steel

The company says it can do letters and logos from 2" to 3" high with strokes as narrow as 3/8" and returns as deep as 6". 

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Cannon Falls, Minnesota-based Gemini, manufacturers of dimensional letters, logos and plaques, announces its new precision fabrication capabilities in stainless steel.

According to the company, this technique allows for dimensional letters and logos with narrow strokes in combination with deep returns. It says that intricate letters and logos from 2″ to 3″ high can be precision-crafted with strokes as narrow as 3/8″ and returns as deep as 6″. The company says it can produce fabricated stainless steel letters and logos in as few as 10 days with unlit, face-illuminated, or halo-illuminated configurations available.

“Our precision manufacturing technology allows designers to bring their concepts to life without having to compromise on scale or detail,” says Tim Bauer, product manager at Gemini. “These letters and logos can be customized to meet technical specifications while communicating a high-end look and feel.”

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