Four Prizes Claimed for Sublimated Mug and Coaster Contest

See the spring and Mother's Day-themed creations that won rewards from Condé.

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sublimation for beginners and beyond

On April 20th, during a Facebook Live session between Cheryl Kuchek and David Gross, Julia Lance was announced the winner of Sublimation for Beginners and Beyond‘s latest contest. As a part of the contest’s spring/Easter/Mother’s Day mugs and coasters theme, Lance submitted a series of coasters and matching mug, featuring photos of tulips paired with inspirational quotes. She will receive the option between CorelDRAW X7 or a $300 credit from Condé. 

Lance has only been in the sublimation business since August 2017, and says the contest motivated her to push beyond her comfort zone. “It was tough to put myself out there, but when I won, it made all the sacrifices and effort I have put into this business worth it,” she elaborates. “I am still dumbfounded, speechless, overjoyed, and grateful all at the same time.”

She adds, “I am so grateful to Condé for holding these contests, and allowing us to encourage others and lift each other up … Thanks again for this opportunity – I look forward to more contests in the future.”

Other prizes for this contest included a $200, $100, and $50 credit from Condé. The top three winners – Cheryl Kuchek, Alice Isenbart, and Julia Lance – were selected on the basis of “likes.” The fourth winner, Jessica Krugman, was selected through a randomized generator. All four were then put into the generator to determine which prize they would receive. Isenbard claimed the second-place prize for her Mother’s Day mug and acrylic coasters; Krugman, who submitted a monkey-illustrated design, was selected for the third-place prize; and Kuchek took the fourth-place prize for a blue plaid and flower design. 

Participants were allowed to submit up to four original pieces before the April 18th deadline. All entries needed to be sublimated on a Condé travel mug and coaster. If you are a member of the group, you can access all entries from this contest, and previous contests here.

To ensure you can participate in future opportunities offered in this group, apply here


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