FLEXcon and Fiberlok Collaborate on New Category of Applied Dimensional Graphics

The two companies have worked together for nearly three decades, and this is their latest collaboration.

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Spencer, Massachusetts-based FLEXcon, a manufacturer of pressure-sensitive film products, announces its latest collaboration with Fort Collins, Colorado-based Fiberlok, a producer of high-end, dimensional graphic heat transfers, patches and stickers.

The companies say they are developing a new category of Lextra pressure-sensitive dimensional graphics for durable, prime label and point-of-purchase applications.

The new portfolio of pressure-sensitive label products includes a range of permanent and temporary sticker options that can used to adhere Lextra products to different surfaces beyond their traditional applications.

Lextra is Fiberlok’s graphics for heat-seal and sew-on applications or stickers.

The companies have worked together for nearly three decades. They say that until now, most of FiberLok’s production had been heat-applied Lextra graphics. However, FiberLok has experienced increased demand for products in a pressure-sensitive format for a variety of labeling applications, such as brand identity labels on durable goods, instructional labels for auto interiors, as well as prime labeling and POP displays. With the latest collaboration, using a combination of FiberLok’s Lextra direct-flocking and FLEXcon’s pressure-sensitive adhesive and liner materials and processes-including six-color automatic electrostatic direct flocking machines-the two teams have developed a range of permanent and temporary, re-positionable stickers that will offer a new industrial option for FiberLok’s customers and suppliers.

“It’s vital that we integrate our processes so that our proprietary manufactured products come together in a predictable and consistent way,” says Brown Abrams, founder and CEO at Fiberlok. “A lot of up-front work goes into every project in order to obtain the required functional performance that enables us to provide the reliability our customers demand. FLEXcon gets that and is ready to work with us to achieve the quality control that is essential to our success. We’re in this thing together.”

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