Featured Project: Wasatch RIP Software Helps Texas Print Shop Quickly Grow DTG Department

The shop says a couple of software features in particular amped up its production capabilities and led to the purchase of more Epson printers.

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Austin, Texas-based Marco Fine Arts, which specializes in fine art reproduction and professional framing, among other services, recently entered the growing direct-to-garment printing market, and it credits Salt Lake City-based Wasatch Computer Technology, a developer of RIP and print management software, for helping its DTG division to take off quickly.

John McPherson, Marco Fine Arts’ print manager and technical director, was tasked to lead the new DTG department which was launched because of the increase in printed apparel items the shop was seeing. Already familiar with Wasatch’s SoftRIP software through his company’s dye sublimation printing department, and after thorough testing settled on the SoftRIP workflow solution to power DTG print operations.

One reason, McPherson says, is SoftRIP’s Automation Option, which allowed Marco’s production, using a single Epson SureColor F2000 printer producing just a few shirts per hour, to grow into a “printer farm,” with many more Epson SureColor F2000s producing substantial volumes of garments each day.

“I’m thrilled by the ease of use, exceptional color, and the streamlined production,” McPherson says. “The process is efficient and dependable.”

He adds that rolling out a workflow created with Wasatch’s automation features requires little training and almost zero downtime for his production team.

He also praises the software’s Barcode Pull tool, which allows an operator to simply scan a barcode label on a shirt, triggering a specified image file to be pulled from a central folder to then be RIPped and printed for the corresponding order.

“I can’t stress enough how important and useful the Barcode Pull is for our production,” says McPherson. “The workflow is productive, reliable and very scalable, allowing us to seamlessly onboard new customers with ease and efficiency.”

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