Featured Project: UK Retailer’s Billboard Campaign Changes with the Weather

Digital signage every day is getting more interactive in ways we ccouldn't have thought of 10 years ago.

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UK retail giant Sainsbury’s ran an out-of-home digital ad campaign in March that adapted to weather patterns.

The interactive digital signage display campaign showed different outfits from Sainbury’s “Tu” clothing line that changed based on the fickle springtime-in-the-UK weather, which could be anything from cold and rainy to summer-like to extremely windy.

PHD UK, a London-based global communications planning and marketing firm, conceived the idea of a real-time digital outdoor campaign for Sainsbury’s. It ran for three weeks on Clear Channel Adshel Live screens, which gathered data from Met Office, the UK’s weather services office. The data was analyzed by OpenLoop software, which uses geo-targeting to automatically send the appropriate content to each individual screen.

London’t Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO was the ad agency that designed the actual campaign itself.

PHD is a division of Omnicom Media Group.

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