Featured Project: Trailer with a ‘Tude

Given the unique nature of the BMW M4 GTS, Ron Kemmel of Kemmel Design felt the trailer hauling its trailer deserved a unique wrap.

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This week’s featured project was sent in last year by Ron Kemmel of Kemmel Design in Kewaskum, Wisconsin. He says he spent three months designing this car trailer wrap.

“As you look at it, you will see dozens of design elements that were put into the whole concept,” Kemmel says. “The idea is to showcase the car for what it is and some of the things it has on it. This will be used to transport the car to show events and also to track day events to race. This is a very special car-a BMW M4 GTS-because you have to be selected from BMW to be eligible to purchase one. Dan Hannula from Colby, Wisconsin, was lucky enough to be selected. There will be only a handful, a limited number, of these cars built that are coming to the U.S.”

Kemmel says he put in extensive hours of design time in Illustrator and Photoshop. Everything was printed on a Roland XR and used all 3M materials, finished with a gloss laminate.

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Tony Kindelspire

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