Featured Project: NanoLumens Displays are in Three of Canada’s Busiest Airports

The company says its curved screen technology allows it to make displays that are both artistic and functional.

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Atlanta-based NanoLumens, makers of custom-built indoor and outdoor LED displays for a variety of markets, announces the installation of nine of its custom-designed Nixel Series LED displays at three of Canada’s busiest airports.

The installations were done over two years at Toronto Pearson International Airport, Vancouver International Airport and Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.

According to vice president of sales Almir DeCarvahlo, the installations strengthen the company’s position as a top-tier provider of large and innovative information displays that are increasingly needed in modern transit hubs.

“As air travel continues to grow, airports are literally leading the way for their customers with high-impact LED displays that can be seen quickly and clearly from any area within a terminal,” DeCarvalho said. “NanoLumens has succeeded by bringing technological enhancements and creativity to the equation with our Nixel Series of displays that empower designers and architects to really think outside the square and 16 X 9 ratio rectangles of traditional digital displays, and instead create truly unique information centers that captivate as well as educate.”

The installation at Toronto Pearson International Airport’s is a good example of that, the company says. It uses curved displays to create a passenger information center that is as artistic as it is functional. Located in one of the busiest walkways of Terminal 1, The Flower-as it’s called- comprises four LED-backlit ‘petals’ that arch up and out from the center, each outfitted with a 6′ x 12′ NanoLumens curved 5.4 mm pixel pitch display that matches the petal’s arch and provides a unique, immersive information display. The petals are made from translucent Corian, with multi-colored LEDs inside each one providing endless opportunity for daily customization and even patterns or color-changing capability.

Beneath the petals is a 360-degree NanoLumens “halo” display that wraps around the sculpture’s center column and is used to provide seasonal displays, terminal-specific info and advertisements. The halo display measures 26′ in circumference and utilizes NanoLumens’ 4mm pixel pitch LED technology.

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