Featured Project: Delivering a Marketing Message and a Meal

It doesn't get much more interactive than having your advertising vehicle dispense ready-to-eat snacks.

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Paris-based digital outdoor advertising company JCDecaux, which also does work throughout North America, was recently tapped by Netflix to promote its new show, “The Final Table.”

The on-demand entertainment giant had the company install displays in Terminal 4 at JFK airport in New York City over the Thanksgiving weekend. The displays were both interactive and tasty!

The displays were cube-shaped and dispensed mini-meals to passersby. And it wasn’t just trail mix or chips: Netflix stocked the cube with cuisine from around the world, including dishes from Mexico, Spain, the UK, Brazil, India, the U.S., Italy, France and Japan-all regions that will be featured on “The Final Table.”

Travelers interacted with a customized screen to select which country they wanted to “travel to” on their food journey. The screen would then provide information about the region and its local cuisine, providing a teaser of the show and the chef featured on that specific episode. Then, a drawer would open and out would come a small packet of food from that country. Bon appétit!

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Tony Kindelspire

Tony Kindelspire is the former digital content editor of Sign & Digital Graphics & WRAPS magazines.

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