Featured Project: ClearLED Installs Massive LED Façade on Canadian Arts Building

This three-story display required customized panels for the oddly-shaped building.

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British Columbia, Canada-based ClearLED has installed what it says is the largest transparent LED media façade in North America.

Called the Kipnes Lantern, the three-story display is on the National Arts Centre located in Ottawa, Canada, installed as part of a $110.5 million remodeling of the facility.

“There’s no screen like this anywhere else in the world,” Bridget Mooney, one of NAC’s project leaders, told Lynn Saxberg of the Ottawa Citizen. “The geometry, the way information is presented, and the different aspects of the animation was a challenge for us, but the results are amazing.”

Mooney went on to say that the Kipnes Lantern is capable of providing a new, unique digital experience. “It creates a different experience for audiences watching on each side,” she says.

According to ClearLED, the architecture of the new National Arts Centre building is uniquely shaped as a giant lantern. To light up the space, ClearLED was challenged with designing custom screens to fit the space precisely and deliver the maximum transparency and brightness. An additional hurdle was to ensure the components were lightweight, sturdy, and accessible for maintenance. The four blades had to be waterproof to withstand the cold and wet weather conditions Ottawa sometimes sees.

More than 400 LED panels were customized and designed to fit each section of the glass building, with more than 13 uniquely customized model types. All panels were individually fitted and quality-tested to mitigate problems during installation. ClearLED selected high-quality Nichia LEDs to ensure long-lasting light hours and to endure Ottawa’s weather conditions.

ClearLED says it spent than one year on the the development of the customized design, the engineering, the manufacturing, and then the installation. The display was built at the company’s factory in China.

ClearLED also has a U.S. facility in Escondido, California.


Tony Kindelspire

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