Featured Project: Amazon, OUTFRONT and Rapport Team Up on Largest Times Square Installment Ever

This was the biggest installation in Times Square ever, the companies say, surpassing an installation by Pepsi in the 1940s.

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New York City-based OUTFRONT Media, an out-of-home media company with more than 400,000 installations across the U.S., recently teamed up with Amazon Music and others that led to a record-setting installation in Times Square in New York City.

Working with the out-of-home media buying and planning agency of IPG Mediabrands, the companies installed a 79-foot tall Amazon Echo replica in Times Square, the largest advertising installation in Times Square ever-surpassing the Pepsi installation that was done in the 1940s, according to the companies.

Rapport, in partnership with Traction 3D, led the conception and fabrication of the replica build on one of OUTFRONT Media’s largest billboards in Times Square. The giant aluminum Echo replica stood more than seven stories high, was more than 24 feet in circumference and weighed more than seven tons. The Echo included an LED light ring programmed to replicate the pattern activated when a user asked Alexa a question in real time.

The Echo installation was part of Amazon Music’s large scale advertising campaign, “Music Unites,” which was inspired in part by John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” billboard campaign.

“Amazon Music’s gigantic deployment is a key example of the creative possibilities out-of-home offers brands and we are very excited to (have been) a part of this unique campaign,” says Jodi Senese, OUTFRONT Media’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer. “Times Square remains one of the most prominent advertising hubs in the world and brands continue to leverage the high visibility space here and large audiences; our historic work with Rapport and Amazon marks a new chapter in the playbook.”

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