Exclusive Coverage: New Role Indicates Future Growth for A.T. Designs

For the promotion, award and novelty manufacturer, managing director Elli Chemel-in his newly created role-is a breath of fresh air at A.T. Designs.

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A.T. Designs Managing Director Elli Chemel

A changing industry and evolving innovation go hand in hand. For the promotion, award and novelty manufacturer, Elli Chemel-in his newly created role as managing director-is a breath of fresh air at A.T. Designs.

Chemel, with an industrial design degree, has a diverse background in operations, product development, marketing and retail with tier-one companies.

“His role means a lot to the company,” A.T. Designs General Manager Rochelle Rex tells A&E magazine. She adds that his success in the role is in part due to his knowledge about many areas of the industry, from product development and running a business, to marketing sales and team building-the whole gambit, Rex reiterates.

And though Chemel is making waves today, he admits that in his initial years in the awards and promotional products company, he tried to keep under the radar in order to fully grasp both the workings of the industry and its players.

“Now I’m ready to face outward and share my knowledge and introduce myself,” Chemel explains. As managing director, Chemel’s responsibilities include marketing and sales initiatives, overseeing manufacturing and product development, as well as managing the overall day-to-day operations. His main focus, however, is to take advantage of the industry’s potential and introduce cutting edge technology and innovation for future growth, which requires rebranding. “We have a real need to modernize, to contemporize the company,” Chemel asserts.

Both Chemel and Rex are confident in the company’s future growth. Along with new products and experts, the company recognizes its strength in manufacturing. With this new role of managing director, that merit will have a new and effective look. “I see a lot of upsides and opportunities. To anyone who thinks the industry is on its way out, I say I really disagree. I think now is a good time to reinvent it and A.T. Designs is poising itself for growth,” says Chemel.

After 27 years with A.T. Designs, Rex says she couldn’t have imagined some of the things that are happening in the company’s factory. “Where in the past we tried to keep it very, very simple, now we’re adding some complexity to it with major changes to reduce prices and make us more competitive,” she says, adding that the owners are committed to investing in new technologies, spending money on the new equipment required in addition to their own unique equipment created by the research and development engineer, who specializes in robotics.

Rex also suggests that strong communication may be the key aspect in changing public perception of the company, as Chemel actively encourages new and former customers to reach out to him to explore new opportunities.

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