Exclusive Coverage: JLH Engraving Celebrates 30 Years

For owner Linda Nuesch-Hoffman, it's a dedication to customers and evolving creativity that has made her business the success it is today.

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JLH Engraving
JLH Engraving

Since 1986, Linda Nuesch-Hoffman has been honing in on the art of engraving. Her business, JLH Engraving, is celebrating its 30-year anniversary on Friday, April 15 by offering its customers a fitting 30 percent off any one item on both Friday and Saturday. For Nuesch-Hoffman, it’s this dedication to customers and evolving creativity that has made her business the success it is today.

Nuesch-Hoffman began her professional journey alongside her father, August “Gus” Nuesch, by helping out in his store. Serving the West New York area, the All American Sports Shop catered to umpires and sports officials by providing uniforms to both the major and minor leagues in the U.S. and abroad. Under her father’s entrepreneurial wing, Nuesch-Hoffman began engraving trophy orders, she recalls. After Gus sold the sports department and retired in 1997, Nuesch-Hoffman opened JLH Engraving, all the while raising her daughter, Jennifer, a senior web developer and designer of the business website. 

“We’ve expanded over the years, beginning with trophies medals and plaques,” Nuesch-Hoffman tells A&E magazine. “People aren’t looking for just trophies anymore. Of course, people want something different and unique for being a participant in something.”

In keeping up with industry trends, JLH Engraving also offers screen-printing apparel with stock and custom designs, as well as sports supplies and equipment, and other customizable products for every occasion and customer.

“I’ve adapted well. I listen to my customers and what they’re looking for. One thing I stress to my customers is that (they’re) dealing with the owner, not an employee,” she maintains. “And there’s that special touch that you don’t get from buying online. That’s why customers have stayed with me through the years.”

Part of that special touch, Nuesch-Hoffman believes, stems from her fulfilling work. “I really like being self-employed and dealing with customers. I never know what’s going to come up or who I’m going to hear from,” she muses. “I enjoy engraving and being creative. I’ve been happy doing this for 30 years and it’s been so fulfilling.”

At 63, the owner admits she has no plans to retire any time soon and will stick with the business she built as long as she’s willing and able. “I’m the type of person to take one day at a time,” Nuesch-Hoffman contends. “I enjoy what I’m doing and don’t want to spread myself too thin. I’d rather focus and specialize in what I have here. And I’m grateful for all the customers and all the support throughout my 30 years.”

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