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First responders and emergency departments are an important part of the business for Idaho-based CW Wraps & Marketing.

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The Post Falls, Idaho, Police Department has some newly-wrapped vehicles, thanks to CW Wraps & Marketing, which is located in that same scenic town that sits between Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and Spokane, Washington.

According to, which covers the Coeur d’Alene to Spokane region, the PFPD’s new wraps feature Post Falls’ signature landmark, its dam on the Spokane River, and the words “Post Falls Police: Partnering with the Community.”

The wraps are being phased in as funds become available, according to the news report.

The PFPD is just the latest agency in the region that CW Wraps has serviced with the design and installation of their vehicle graphics, according to marketing specialist Joe Reimer. He says local and county agencies in both Couer d’Alene and Spokane, about 25 miles to the west, have fleets decked out in CW-made graphics.

“Once you’ve done the first five of a fleet of 40 you’ve gotten used to it,” Reimer says, asked about any special considerations installers have to worry about in doing emergency vehicles.

The challenge, he says, comes in having every single vehicle in an agency’s fleet come out looking exactly the same-two police cars from the same agency sitting next to each other must look identical. That’s where his shop’s attention to detail comes in, he says, adding that it’s also important that police, fire or ambulance vehicles have a distinct look that signifies their purpose, rather than having them just looking like any other commercial vehicle with a wrap.

CW Wraps & Marketing was launched a couple of years ago by Sam Carlino, Reimer says. Carlino had been operating a company called Cart Wrappers that, as the name implies, focused strictly on golf carts. That part of the business still exists, Reimer says, but the new company has evolved into a full-service graphics design firm, offering signage, banners and the like along with vehicle wraps.

What started out a short time ago as a company with just a couple employees now has 12 people working there and does about $1 million in annual revenue, Reimer says. Oracle is the company’s biggest national client, he says, but Aspen Homes-a large, custom-home builder in the region-is also a major client, as is Acoustic Design, a custom home theater building company based in Las Vegas.




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