Epson Hosts Fourth Annual Digital Couture Project

The fourth annual event is meant to show the colorful possibilities of textile printing.

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Epson America, a global leader in printing technology, announces its fourth annual Digital Couture Project on Tuesday, Feb. 6. As with previous years, the event precedes New York Fashion Week (NYFW).

This year’s installment features designers from North and Latin America. Designers use Epson technology to showcase printed textile designs with the theme “Cosmopolitan Couture with Impossible Colors-How Does Your Culture Dress-up?”

A focus on culture and its connection to fashion design is a common theme for the event. The 2017 Couture show offered vibrant depictions of culture and heritage through apparel designs from countries such as Ecuador, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

“The future of fashion is customization; from the colors and prints to the size and shape of garments, all on-demand,” says Keith Kratzberg, president and CEO of Epson America. “Epson’s digital imaging technology is changing the business of fashion, providing a platform for designers to print higher quality, more unique designs for customers on-demand, as well as the ability to print just in time. This Digital Couture event showcases how the design potential and impact on the fashion marketplace is limitless.” 

Prior to the fashion showcase, Epson also hosts a panel centered on digital technology’s impact on the fashion industry and market trends. Anthony Cenname, vice president and publisher at Wall Street Journal magazine, moderates the panel with opening remarks by Kratzberg and closing comments by Agustin Chacon, vice president of international marketing at Epson America. The panel includes an array of designers and marketing veterans.

At the Digital Couture Project, the following designers showcase their printed textile concepts:

1.         Lua Luá (Michele Gevaerd), Brazil  
2.         Hayley Elsaesser, Canada
3.         Karyn Coo, Chile
4.         Stephanie Ruiz, Ecuador
5.         Eduardo Figueroa, Guatemala
6.         Emilio Mata, Mexico
7.         Ilse Jara, Paraguay
8.         Ana María Guiulfo, Peru
9.         Lina Cantillo, Colombia
10.       Candice Cuoco, United States
11.       Fernando Alberto, United States
12.       Thomas Jefferson University (Alexandra Pizzigoni, and Patricia Franklin). United States
13.       threeASFOUR (Gabriel Asfour, Angela Donhauser, and Adi Gil), United States

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