Engraving Concepts’ Service Tech Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

Hear the story behind Michael Evans' hire, and see how his role has evolved over 10 years.

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Engraving Concepts Service Technician Michael Evans celebrates 10 years with the company this month. 

Evans was originally hired to handle in-house tech support for the equipment the company sold and to take the lead in researching color equipment options available when the company was still offering direct-to-garment equipment.

Looking back on Evans’ hire in 2008, Engraving Concepts Founder Roy Brewer says, “Michael came up to me at a trade show and asked if we were hiring. He had been servicing embroidery systems and DTG printers.  After speaking with him, I felt sure he could pick up the technical aspects of mechanical and laser engravers, so we agreed to give it a try.”

He continues, “Michael has a strong work ethic and before long, he was our go-to guy when it came to technical difficulties.”

“He was hoping to travel less than he did for his previous employer, but I’m not sure that goal was attained since we have him on the road quite a bit,” Brewer jokes. Evans is often on the road a couple of days a week, handling onsite service calls. He also travels to do on-site training, and handles some drop-in showroom sales demos.

According to Jeanette Brewer-Richardson, CRS, Evans has built quite a fan club. She reports that one of Engraving Concepts’ customers had this to say about him: “Michael is great at his job. Super friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and more than willing to educate our employees. He pays close attention to detail and leaves our machines in top-notch shape.”

Brewer-Richardson seconds this notion: “Michael is an invaluable resource for our customers who need quick troubleshooting ideas or an onsite service call,” she says. “Before Michael came on board, it was difficult for us to offer onsite service since our staff consisted of two salesmen covering a broad territory. With the addition of Michael, we had almost immediate tech availability (email, phone, and online) for all our customers.

“We’re extremely happy to have Michael as a part of our team here.”

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