EFI Armor Clear Coat Extends Avery Dennison Wall Films’ Lifespan

Without this protective layer the wall wraps would last three years less time, the companies say.

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Fremont, California-based wide-format printer manufacturer and workflow software developer EFI announces that when its Armor UVF clear coat is applied to Avery Dennison MPI 2600 Series textured wall films, the films have a durability of up to five years.

EFI Armor is a UV-curable liquid that can be applied to films either by roller or waterfall. In addition to its protective qualities, the EFI Armor UVF clear coat extends durability for up to three years longer than without the protective layer. This brings the total durability of the Avery Dennison MPI 2600 Wall Films up to five years for indoor applications.

The chemical resistance of the EFI Armor UVF clear coat enables textured wall graphics to be cleaned on contact by everyday cleaning supplies, allowing for degerming of the films used in public spaces, such as hotel lobbies or hospital waiting rooms. According to the two companies, Avery Dennison film overlaminates are not designed to be used with the textured films, making the EFI Armor UVF clear coat formula an ideal alternative.

Avery Dennison MPI 2630, MPI 2631 and textured wall films are used to create wall graphics in hotels, commercial spaces, retail areas, exhibitions and more. The textured films come in Pure Canvas, Crushed Stone and Natural Stucco dimensional finishes.

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