EFI Announces Software Compatibility with Ghent Workgroup PDF Suite

Ghent Workgroup standards are the industry's guidepost when it comes to PDF imaging.

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Fremont, California-based wide-format printer manufacturer and workflow software developer EFI announces that its Fiery digital front end (DFE) and software workflows flawlessly processed all 48 test patches in the new Ghent Workgroup PDF Output Suite version 5.0.

Ghent Workgroup is a nonprofit organization, based in Ghent, Belgium, that develops best practices for publishing and packaging workflows. EFI says the fact that it perfectly processed all the test patches for the PDF Output Suite 5.0 is a critical test for determining quality printing of PDF documents.

According to the California company, “EFI has the world’s largest installed base of professional digital color production printing DFEs through its Fiery product line, so the successful implementation of this newest de facto standard from the Ghent Workgroup can help a significant portion of the print industry reach new, higher levels of production accuracy.”

“The (Ghent Workgroup) developed the Output Suite to give software developers, and more importantly end users, a way to proactively test their production workflow components and settings to identify potential problems before they are found running client production files,” says the group’s chairman, David Zwang. “We welcome the efforts of EFI to validate its software solutions against the Output Suite, and help users ensure they are meeting their clients’ expectations.”

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