Denver Ordinance Forces Preservation of Ghost Sign

City ordinances not only prohibit destruction of such signs, but also regulate the amount of restoration allowed to keep it historic.  

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A ghost sign uncovered on the side of an 1895-vintage building near downtown Denver will be preserved, thanks to a local ordinance-just updated in 2014-that prohibits the destruction of such historic painted wall signs, or ghost signs.

The developer who bought the run-down building discovered that it could, in fact, be restored, as the structure and the roof were solid, even if everything else needed to be completely rehabbed. During the investigation into the soundness of the building the ghost sign was discovered. The developer’s architect was said to be “ecstatic” upon the discovery and a muralist has been hired to bring the sign back to its past glory. But not completely-there’s a city ordinance that deals with the sign’s restoration as well.

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