DecoShow Podcast Discusses 2016 Printwear Shop Tune-Up with Erich Campbell

The DecoShow podcast recently talked with Printwear columnist Erich Campbell about his role in the 2016 Printwear Shop Tune Up contest. 

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WHITTIER, Calif.-DecoNetwork, an ecommerce solutions provider for apparel businesses, spoke with Printwear columnist Erich Campbell about his role in the 2016 Printwear Shop Tune-Up contest. Campbell guest starred on the March 5 edition of DecoNetwork’s podcast, the DecoShow, to talk embroidery, shop management tips, and explain details related to the contest.

 “What I’m going to do (at the winner’s shop) is spend 40 solid hours with you, teaching you anything and everything I can,” says Campbell. “I want to bring a little bit of our creative problem-solving method out here at Black Duck.”

Campbell will start the week by visiting the winner’s shop and assessing what sort of problems or issues need to be addressed within the time he’s onsite. He also points out that positive reinforcement is just as important as machine and production maintenance in an apparel business.

“A lot of people really need someone to say ‘it’s okay, keep going, it’s okay because you’re going to do some failing and you have to learn’,” Campbell explains.

Printwear is currently accepting submissions until May 1, 2016. Entrants to the Shop Tune-Up are encouraged to include media like photos and video of their shop as part of their contest entry.

To read the full contest details and sign up, visit:

To watch or listen to the full DecoShow podcast, visit:

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