Crystal D Celebrates 25 Years

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Crystal D

This month, Crystal D celebrates its 25th year in business.

Crystal D started as a small glass-etching company producing mostly barware. Today, the company is a large manufacturer of crystal recognition awards and crystal gifts. To date, it has designed and created over 260 designs and distributes 1,500 awards to over 150,000 recipients annually.

“The next 12 months are going to be filled with celebration,” says President Chuck Dahlgren. “25 years is a milestone that I will not let go by quietly.”

Dahlgren add that the most fulfilling aspect of running this company has been initiating, nurturing, and investing in a company culture that employees can own. “I love my business, but I also love my employees,” he explains. “I am really lucky to have had success with the people we’ve hired as well as the business itself.”


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