Condé and Sawgrass Partner for Sublimation Pricing and Cost Analysis Webinar

Condé President and co-host of this webinar David Gross says the number one mistake sublimators make is underpricing their products.

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Mobile, Alabama-based Condé Systems, a supplier of dye sublimation and transfer products, announces that it will once again partner with Mount Pleasant, South Carolina-based Sawgrass Technologies, developers of sublimation inks and color management software, for a webinar titled “Sublimation Pricing and Cost Analysis” on Thursday, May 17th, at 3 p.m. Central Time. David Gross, president of Condé, and Jimmy Lamb, Sawgrass’ manager of communication and education, discuss the operational variables that contribute to sublimation production costs, and how to establish a baseline pricing system for your services.

According to Condé director of marketing Meredith Toflinski, “When it comes to pricing and cost analysis for sublimation, there is a tendency to focus too heavily on the cost of the ink itself. In reality … ink is only a part of the equation.”

As Gross explains, the most important factor is actually value. “Often, people think that pricing can be determined by a formula-if you apply a mark-up formula to a mug, for example, you end up with a selling price that is far lower than what it should be sold for-in the sublimation world, there’s more to it.

“We want to help sublimators break bad habits by teaching them to pay attention to market trends and to understand the value of a product in order to find prices that are more appropriate.”

This failure to pinpoint value, he explains, contributes significantly to inaccurately pricing sublimated goods. “We believe the number one mistake sublimators make is underpricing their products,” Gross elaborates. “When you do that, you lessen the value because people don’t think it’s worth very much. Instead, you need to sell at a price that creates the perception of value you’re going for.”

To register for this webinar, click here. If you are unable to tune in for the live production, you can watch a recording on the Condé TV YouTube page, where all past webinars are archived; click on the Videos tab to sort by date, or use the search bar on the right side of the page to locate a video by name.

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